It's been a while. But, I'm back.....inspired.

Still houseless, but not homeless (I'll be wary of overdosing you on #vanlife quotes).

My 2016 roadtrip led me down the rabbit hole of the internet. I hadn't heard of #vanlife before then, but boy did I get sucked down deep. The perfect solution laid before me all this time and I totally overlooked it.

Why's it perfect? Because it fucking is....literally so perfect it solves all my problems in one fell swoop.

-Rent, don't pay it
-Council tax, don't pay it
-Water bill, don't pay it
-Electricity bill, don't pay it
-Mortgage, have a laugh

Of course it has its downsides. In the UK for example it sucks a bit, because the UK is so anti anything that allows people to live for free/cheap. There's no overnight parking signs everywhere, but I think it's more insidious than that. It seems to be a cultural problem, where anyone seen to not be contributing to the housing ponzi is shunned as an outcast. People don't want you anywhere near their properties, period, don't want you here, don't care, end of.

But fuck the UK, why live there when your house is on wheels and your job in the cloud? I'd have to be mental to even consider it, and thankfully I'm not.

So, right now I'm at the end of Europe: Sagres, Portugal. The suns shining, I'm in shorts and t-shirt, unlimited data sim in my mifi and solar panels cranking it on the roof. I'm parked up with about another 40 motorhomes in a car park for absolutely nothing at all. If I want water or empty the toilet I travel 5 minutes up the road to a supermarket and get it all for free.

This solution is so perfect for digital nomads, usually young priced out individuals that I think soon it will EXPLODE. Watch this space.