Trip Report

I have some musings for anyone interested in my adventure.

Don't expect to see the coastline of Europe from Holland. Expect to see dykes, lots of dykes, everywhere; infact they run around the entire country. I knew Holland had alot of dykes, now I understand how many.

Germany has 102 ron petrol. Why does a company owned by BP sell Germans decent petrol and not the British? Shell V-Power (anther anglo company) is 100 ron, whereas in the UK it's 98. Most people don't give a toss I guess, but since higher rons can give more power to your car if it's setup that way, then that equals better in my opinion.

Poland: Now, I spent a whole day driving to a remote area on the coast called Lazy. It was my calling, so I drove, took a sodding ferry over a tiny bit of water and I guess that was my first look at Poland, a pointless ferry instead of a bridge....Actually I lie, my first experience was driving from a tarmac road onto a mile of cobblestones. You know when you're in Poland, believe me.

So travelling to this nice obscure part of the coast I decided to forego my sat navs instructions and take the scenic route. Don't do this, ever.

I never realised how hard the suspension of my car is, it's never been an issue. When I say the roads in Poland are crap, they are monumentaly crap. I remember as a child using a petrol lawn mower, and after doing the deed for my meager reward my hands always felt weird, and running my fingers through my hair felt as if I had a head of grease. This is what holding onto a steering wheel along a Polish scenic route does to you. My poor dog, who doesn't like travelling at the best of times had a look that suggested the error I was all to aware of.

But still, the reward of a nice remote Polish beach would greet me. However, what I arrived at was Benidorm ala Polska. Fucking minging isn't the word. My dreams of a peaceful location as broken as the roads I had travelled.

If cheap kebabs, thuggish stares and all night vodka are you're thing, then let me know and I'll point the way. This is not what I'm after with my trip. The place was full of campsites, but I couldn't imagine getting a nights sleep with Polands finest next door.

So further I travelled until I reached a remote beach I could park on. Everything was going well, a few other fellow euro trampers gave me some solace I wouldn't be hassled by anyone.

Then; Death by mosquito. I've never know anything like it. Bugs, everywhere. Roodi's dog bowl 5 minutes after finishing was like a moving mosaic. I suffered all night between getting in my car with the baking sun, which my dog couldn't handle. Getting outside to let him cool down and suffering immediate attack from head to toe. 2 hours of this routine every 10 minutes. Hell.

It was so bad, the next day I drove 7 hours to Berlin to see a friend of mine. Fuck Poland I thought. I was worried I was writing it off prematurely mind, but I'd had it.

So, 5 minutes after arriving in a Berlin campsite, my friend text me to say he's at his holiday home in the Polish mountains. be continued.