“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre

This is the first post I've actually had to think about.

I could tell you about my travels, and what I've been up to - but this isn't a travel blog.

I also have little to report on. I haven't really interacted with anyone since Poland. I've just been driving, working at times and getting lost in my thoughts.

Many of the campsites I'm visiting are empty. It's beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, the weekend and look where I'm typing this from right now:

Completely deserted campsite in the Tatra mountains of Slovakia.

I earnt £280 last week in a campsite probably even nicer than this one. It had benches, wifi, a river, a big rocky outcrop to walk around, bar, everything.

That's not a lot of money to earn in a week, but I enjoy my work so it doesn't feel pointless. It's also plenty to live on with this lifestyle.

Lets say the weekly breakdown is thus:

  • 70 euros on campsites
  • 70 euros on food and drink. I'm avoiding restaurants as they all seem to use some crazy italic font that google translate can't deal with. So this is Lidl or Tescos (there's lots of Tescos in E.Europe). I've also pulled this figure off the top of my head. Put it this way, beers in campsite bars around around £1.20, bottle of wine in the supermarket (Tescos finest) £2.70, bread roll 5p, ham 70p. 70 euros would probably include a few bought hot meals I guess.
  • 80 euros on petrol which gets me close to 400 miles

That's it really, 220 euros a week. £744 a month.

So what am I missing out on with this way of life? Well, I have to use trees for shade and if it rains I'm a bit fucked.

I have more electricity than I need, hot water, showers, bin collections, internet. I guess I do have a roof over my head, 2 in fact whether I choose the car or tent.

So ignoring costs like car insurance, breakdown, rainy day fund, mobile phone: living is cheap. I have most of the services people in houses have, but I'm paying a fraction of the cost. Is is because they're shared services? But in that sense, isn't a block of flats also sharing services in the same way?

I think this just shows how used to rediculous costs of living we are in the UK. That money would get me room in London. Here, it gets me freedom to do what I want and travel the continent (all be it with a damp head on occasion)

Anyway. As much as I love E.Europe I feel I need to meet some like minded people. I'll be heading down to Austria, Slovenia and Italy - onward towards the med. Hopefully things will be a bit more lively around the coastline.

I'll leave you with this amazing video on sustainability for thought: