An organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense

This is how I've come to view several aspects of our society. The three main issues I've come up with are:

  • The government
  • Banks
  • Landlords

The combination of all of these are squeezing people to the point they're just giving up and opting out.

The government incentivises all the wrong things. Have a child you can't afford to support, no problem we'll support it and give you a free house. Ludicrously it incentivises to have as many children as possible, as this means more money and bigger houses. They're rewarding irresponsible behaviour and creating families, or individuals with little chance to prosper outside of government support.

Welfare was supposed to be a prop, but it's a lifestyle choice for far too many people in this country; and who can blame them really, why bother working a full week when a family with children working part time get tax credits and housing benefit that will exceed many full time incomes.

Banks, these were supposed to be places to store your money to prevent it being stolen. They've now morphed into institutions that think of new ways to defraud the population using its own money. They, along with the government have caused such distortions in the housing market by pumping it full of credit that it's possible the entire country will collapse because of it.

Landlords used to be rich people that rented houses to the population. Being rich meant the rent required was enough for maintenance and some profit. Now, every other person seems to be a landlord, however they need mortgages. This now means the rent required is the same as above, but also needs to pay a mortgage too.

The combination of government paying no interest on savings, loose credit, self certified mortgages, props such as help to buy (essentially creating the FMAC's of the US), tax deductible interest, strict planning regulations etc and banks flooding the mortgage market with credit are ruining the lives of a large portion of the population. You have 2 choices: buy an overpriced house (you won't be happy with) you'll be paying off for the rest of your life, or rent and pay off someone else's mortgage for the rest of your life and live with the prospect of unsecured tenancy forever.

Excess credit does nothing to enhance peoples lives, all it's doing is indebting people for far larger portions of their lives than necessary.

This is the main reason I'm leaving this country. It's not like this everywhere. Take Germany for example: their rental markets are largely owned by housing associations so they have the funds and inclination to keep their portfolios in good condition. Tenancy agreements are for much longer terms than 1 year, essentially lifetime, you can only really be kicked out for not paying rent. Their banks didn't flood the housing markets with credit:

UK and German house prices chart

Their local councils also release land on a regular basis to encourage house building and keep the supply up. Compare this to the UK where the councils do everything in their power to prevent building.

This all leads to a higher quality of life.