"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." ~Thomas Jefferson

Well, there's a surprise.

I admit now I didn't vote; I couldn't decide what to do. For personal reasons I'd want to stay in, since I want to live on the continent. For the betterment of the country I'd want to vote out, as I feel the EU needs replacing and the only way that'll ever happen is to destroy it first.

I also admit I was a little sad, there has been good from the EU. Anything that brings people closer together is a good thing, but like most grand projects has just ended up a corrupt mess with total unaccountability.

Watching the furious backlash has made me laugh. Apparently everyone that voted out (17 million people) are all stupid, racist (even though Europeans are white) xenophobes; incapable of intelligent thought on matters of such importance.

What the (generally) left don't understand is when you call people stupid racists for so long, and any genuine attempt at debate is stifled under the umbrella of racism people get pissed off.

The elites reinforce the idea that GDP is growing and the EU is good for us all, though a vast amount of the population see zero improvement to their lives, and what does it matter if GDP goes up or down to them? It makes no difference at all, they don't see any benefit when it goes up.

Practically every out of touch, self serving politician, bank and big global company were telling people to vote remain for the good of the country.

This is the reason that when the one avenue available to be heard opens up, people use it to shout.

Many are wising up to the fact 'good for the country' translates to 'good for us, not you'.